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Beauty and Glamour: Skin Deep Photography?

Spend some time at a news stand or the magazine section of a bookstore, and it is impossible to avoid the glossy fashion, celeb, or women’s magazines and the highly manipulated, mannequin-looking women on their covers. This is the world of … Continue reading

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Photography Themed Films: High Art

If photography is my love, then the art of filmmaking would be my secret affair. I have confessed to only a few of my friends of this indiscretion. The truth is, my teenage dream was to study film and eventually … Continue reading

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Urban Ruins

The  School of Forest Resources on campus, where I work, is getting a new building. A new wing is being constructed adjacent to the old building. The current building is also being completely redone. A few days ago, on my … Continue reading

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Do I have to be rich to be a collector?

When I tell people that I am an occasional art collector, the usual response that I get is something like “I’m just not wealthy enough to do that.” I find this response curious and amusing at the same time. The underlying … Continue reading

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