Farewell to 2011

Happy New Year everyone! This blog has been quiet for a while. But as I was in the process of saying goodbye to 2011 (quietly as it turned out, for me it was a cozy night with some good food and a great British mystery), I started to think about a review of my photography in 2011. So, on New Year’s Day, I started to look back at the photos that I took in the previous year. As I looked at them, two things became immediately clear. First, 2011 was not a prolific year for me, photographically speaking. I’m generally not terribly prolific with my photography anyway, but even then 2011 produced a much smaller quantity than usual. Second, I also realized that I did not do a whole lot of conceptual work or fine art figure studies—two major genres that I consider to be “my kind of work”. Am I evolving as a photographer? Am I slowly becoming a landscape and “capturing the moment” type of photographer? I don’t think so. I have always done a fair amount of work in these areas to begin with. Plus I have always resisted confining myself to just one genre of photography. I envy my fellow photographer colleagues who can do that, which allows them to have depth and focus in just one area, but I simply cannot bring myself to do it.

Hopefully, 2012 will be a great year for photography. Here are a few photographs taken in 2011.

I took this one at the Hoover Dam. It’s a joy to print and makes a great print too!

It was one of those lucky days. You see outside a window and catch this with the beautiful light!

I call this “Fallen”. Also makes a gorgeous print.

A rather simple photo, but I really loved the symmetry, the colors, and the composition.

I can’t explain why, but I absolutely love this photograph. Perhaps because it reminds me of two of my favorite things, rain and my childhood in South Asia.

This one should be familiar to the blog readers! A print of this recently sold at a benefit auction for the Angkor Hospital for Children.

Taken in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Love the light in this one!

Taken at Wat Po in Bangkok.

This is from a recent series of photos called “Before the Dinner Plate”.

This is Misty Stone–an adult film star. I captured this in Las Vegas while she was responding to a group of adoring fans. I loved how this came out. In fact, this is one of my favorite portraits ever. Why? Well, partly because it captures who she is and makes the viewer curious about her. But also just look at those sparkling and expressive eyes!

Does a photograph have to show a lot of nudity to have a sensual and erotic tone? I think not!


About Let's Talk Photography

Photographer, photography aficionado, and occassional collector of contemporary fine-art photographs. I live in Arkansas and a university professor in my "real" life. Photography is like a form of meditation for me. I try to capture the world that I see around me, but from time to time I do delve into fine-art nature, nudes, and erotica.
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