The Recent Past and the Near Future

I know that I have been ignoring this blog for quite a while. Despite the best of intentions, the “real life” does take over from time to time. I have made myself a promise that I will do better from now on, and I fully intend to keep that promise.

To start with, I just wanted to add a short update on what I have been up to and what I plan to do in the near future. This year has been a pretty slow year, photographically speaking. I did visit the Napa valley earlier in the year for a family vacation. Although photography was not the primary reason, I still managed to shoot some landscapes and some actually turned out to be pretty good.


I also taught a couple of community education courses earlier this year. One was on artificial lighting for portraits. I don’t use artificial lighting in my work a whole lot these days, but I do have some experience doing that in the past. And I also happen to own a bunch of lighting equipment. Just thought I’d put them to good use. I do enjoy teaching these classes. It feels nice to see the spark of creativity in someone’s eyes. Here is a photo that I took during the class. This beautiful young lady, the daughter of one of the class participants, was our model for the class. I like this photo quite a bit, it represents my belief that the best artificial lighting is the one that looks the most natural.

Artificial Lighting Class

So, what’s in the future? Well, I’m thrilled to announce that the Southeast Asia trip is going to happen after all. Yep, next year in May I’ll head to my most favorite region in the whole world. Although I will be in a few countries on this trip, I’ll visit Cambodia and Laos purely for photography. I, of course, have been to Cambodia last year. This time it will be a quick visit. I do have some plans, and can’t give much details at this point. After Cambodia, I’ll spend a number of days in Laos, which will be a completely new experience for me. I can’t wait!


About Let's Talk Photography

Photographer, photography aficionado, and occassional collector of contemporary fine-art photographs. I live in Arkansas and a university professor in my "real" life. Photography is like a form of meditation for me. I try to capture the world that I see around me, but from time to time I do delve into fine-art nature, nudes, and erotica.
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